projects list

projects list (selection)

evelyne cannard (actress)
prunX (band)
my own filmmaking page
marko jovanović personal website (musician)
harmonica school berlin (music school)
woman without mandolin (film)
notes on the trilogy of the interspatiality of love (film)
elephantkodex (music project)
multiorgasm coaching
roman pernack (kameramann, autor, videojournalist)
justin nicholls (film music composer)
jan hendrik engelhardt (cinematographer)
state of change (film production company)

clients / collaborations (selection)

»pop-kultur« (music festival)
»pop-kultur« nachwuchs
music board Berlin
ruckus roots (non-profit organisation)
carrozzeria gorla (garage)
kirbystockexchange (stock photos database)

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